Detour Definition: An alternative route to a planned destination.

Detours are about great snow!

Our trips are built on the premise that keen skiers and riders want white fluffy pow... and lots of it!

So why choose a Detour for your next powder-seeking holiday?
  • Enjoy some of the most consistent, light powder snow in the world.
  • Maximize the amazing Detour terrain and snow with techniques and tactics from our highly experienced coaches/guides.
  • Hedge your bets for amazing conditions as our tours are timed for peak snowfall.
  • Experience a variety of terrain detouring to off-the-beaten track locations as well as the best known spots.
  • Discover your own secret spots and ski/ride the best daily conditions.
  • Learn about and indulge in the unique and beautiful culture of Japan.
  • And enjoy the like-mindedness of other adventurers.
"There's nothing worse than being up to your waist in porridge or spending hours walking out. Skiing or riding powder is all about knowing where to go and when. The guys at Powder Detours have that local knowledge absolutely nailed. And the powder in Hokkaido IS incredible."

- Bob Williams, NZ

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