Powder Detours was started by Brian Findlay, a Japanese permanent resident with over 30 seasons of experience from around the World.

About Japan

To most people around the world the word "Japan" conjures up images of exotic foods and sophisticated technologies. Throw in a few eccentric fashions, traditional shrines and compact cars, and you pretty much get the stereotypical Japan.

But to those in the know Japan is THE powder haven. And Hokkaido is the cream of the crop - the finest quality fresh pow combined with huge snow falls. At Powder Detours we believe Hokkaido has the best combination of quality and quantity out of anywhere in the world.

It doesn't stop with the snow though. Unlike other popular Northern Hemisphere snowy destinations, Japan offers a real cultural experience. It's like no other developed country anywhere in the world.

First-time visitors to Japan are often surprised by the welcoming kindness they receive. This is most evident when overseas visitors try to learn a few Japanese phrases and customs. The smallest of gestures, such as pronouncing a phrase correctly or embracing a simple meet and greet custom, will be received with admiration and you will be treated with instant kindness and respect. Put simply, Japanese hospitality is unlike anywhere else in the world.

“Japow - as it’s fondly known by many globe trotting skiers and snowboarders – has become a world-renowned destination for snow sports, and has established itself as the number one place to go for deep, dry powder. But beyond this, Japan is a place of captivating culture, stunning scenery, antiquated architecture and, most notable of all, some remarkably friendly people." - Snow-search Japan guidebook, 2009

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