Japanese Culture

Japanese culture is so rich and distinctive that one’s inaugural visit is often spent in a state of wide-eyed wonderment. Traditions are evidential everywhere you go and, even today, continue to be passed down from generation to generation. Few traditions are lost, even with the obsession over American culture that’s fairly noticeable in young Japanese adults today.

Crime in Japan appears to be almost non-existent and one’s personal safety is very rarely compromised. Japanese cuisine is extraordinary and particularly appealing to those with adventurous tastes. Furthermore, eating is almost always a social activity. Forms of entertainment vary dramatically, from traditional geisha dancing and sumo wrestling, to sensory-overloading arcades and karaoke bars.

But it all comes back to the people in the end. The most defining characteristics of the Japanese as individuals is their loyalty, respect for others and hard working attitudes. All these facts combined make this country so unbelievably unique that it’s almost too perplexing to put into words.