Open tree lines and plenty of fresh at Kiroro

Daily Freshies at Kiroro

This season here at Powder Detours, we’ve launched a new day trip product aimed at…

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Our guide Rob getting arty with his photography while all 5 of the guys hit the pow hard

One epic powder week around Niseko!

Last week here at Powder Detours we had 5 crazy Englishmen who travel the world…

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Blue bird and deep at Niseko Moiwa!

February Powder Weeks

February powder in Niseko is proving quite the roller coaster this year. We’re experiencing massively contrasting conditions from last week to this week. With one of the biggest snow storms of the year hitting Japan right now (it just snowed 20+ cms in Tokyo), this week’s Powder Experience trip is set for a big week!

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niseko gates screenshot

Video: 5 things to consider before heading out the Niseko Gates

We love the side-country in Niseko! It’s easy to access, easy to get back to lifts from, and usually has amazing snow to offer. But all of those things often lead to higher risk. Not necessarily risks caused from yourself or your group, but often it is others on the mountain putting you at risk. This video is about the Niseko Gates; 5 things to consider before heading out! Share it around and help raise awareness to keep everyone safer out there…

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Mike at Asahidake 2013

Video: Powder Detours does Asahidake

Last month we spent a very fun week over in Central-Hokkaido, exploring the local resorts of Furano, Tomamu and Asahidake. This is a little stop-motion video from one glorious sunshiny day at Asahidake…

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Kiroro powder day

Last Powder Detour for the season

Our February Detourees scored a whole lot of powder, but that’s fairly standard here. Small groups, and a really good bunch of guys. We spent the first few days in and around Niseko, exploring the stashes out of the Annupuri gates and working on techniques in some of our favourite Hirafu powder spots.

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Martin slashing a tricky lip at Teine

Furano, Asahidake and Sapporo Teine

Returning “Detourees” Dan and Quinton looking stoked at their lines[/caption]The second week of our Hokkaido Detour went off with bang. No gigantic snow falls, but we still found pow almost every day, bar one (which led us to a fun park and groomer session in Tomamu instead).

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Kiroro blankets of pow

Powder Experience week comes to an end

It’s been a fun week! While we haven’t had many of Niseko’s not atypical 50cms overnight, we’ve found fresh snow every day for the week. And we scored it big time in Kiroro!

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Tristan laying it WAY over in the pow

Niseko Blue Bird Powder

As always we started our first Powder Detour for 2013 in Niseko. It’s not very often you get a Niseko blue bird powder day but we scored it today, and the smiles were beaming far and wide.

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Fresh Lines!!!

Another Amazing Season

Since the start of December there have only been three days where it HASN’T snowed in Niseko (note that all three of those days were in December). Granted a few of those snow falls have been less than 5cms, but the vast majority are between 10 and 30cms. Pretty amazing huh?

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Yotei early snow 2012

Hokkaido and Colorado compared

It’s that time of year again; when the high-altitude resorts like Whistler and Vale are getting big early dumps and our pre-season envy begins in Hokkaido.

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Bob Williams Niseko powder sequence

A Nomination for the 2013 Special Olympics

Last week we had an email from one of our valued Powder Detourees and good friend Bob Williams. The email title was “Good news, bad news, good news”.

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